The video is OUT! Hooray Couple!

I was lucky to be invited to the premier screening of Couple’s first ever music video. Directed by Shamyl Othman, the local film industry’s best kept secret who is also a friend, the video is for the song Now That I can See from the album Top of The Pop.

I first met Shamyl a couple years ago when Stinky dragged me to Malaysian Shorts at HELP Institute. They were screening two of his short films and Stinky was blown away by both. I was just impressed by the nudity. Hehehehe… Anyway, right after the screening, Stinky went up to Shamyl and scared him by gushing how much he loved the two shorts. We met a couple more times after that, always by accident, perhaps embarrassing him each time with our groupie-like enthusiasm. Now Shamyl’s married and his wife Azian is as lovely a person as he is.

But back to the video! I love that it’s B&W and has a grainy texture. I also like the fact that Shamyl didn’t focus just on Aidil and gave each band member equal footage. In fact I think Ojoe got the most, seeing that he makes the funniest expressions. Ihsan proves that drummers are the sexiest things ever and Hana, well, Hana looks marvellous (can’t say more than that or she’ll get freaked out and I won’t have a chance to tackle her brother). Jokes aside, kudos to all who were involved in the project. Just proves it’s not who you know, but how much talent you have and how you market it to the masses.


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