penny wise, pound foolish

I am seriously freaking out at the amount of money that’s hemorrhaging from my bank account to pay for stuff related to the apartment. Stamping fees, legal fees, some con called a fire insurance fee, booking fee….it’s not just the apartment cost is it? No more muffins from Coffee Bean. No more fortnightly pedicures. No more trips to Kino, Times and MPH. No more CDs from Rock Corner or Music Magic, no iGallop (which looked dodgy but tempting in a fucked up kinda way), no all day brekkies at The Green Man and no side trips to L’Occitane after client meetings. I almost cried making out a check for 4K just for the loan agreement legal fees. I think the clerk somehow knew that and subdued her chirpy tone a bit. Ha ha.


I don’t like people standing behind me silently staring. If you want me to notice you, please say my name or tap my shoulder or cubicle wall. I’m not so deaf that I won’t hear that. You standing silently, breathing down me is just plain scary and I don’t relish finding out you are there by the smells that waft through my nose or by the tiny hairs standing up my neck. I am a king princess and protocol must be adhered to.


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