bloody blood vessels

Some people have MCS (Middle Child Syndrome) so bad their heads have never
seen the light of day. They act all normal and shit when not in sight of
any parental figure but go insanely cutesy, helpless and God knows what
else when one is within 50m. Only 2 days to go. If I have another rage
episode, i just know that some blood vessels are gonna burst and I’m gonna
die right there and then. I’m already seeing spots.

Da Vinci Code tonight! Unfortunately with The Ret in tow. Mater has already
branded us sinners. It’s FICTION, ma, FICTION. And I personally think that
any book/movie that incites its readers/viewers interest to read the Bible
or do research is a good thing. FICTION.

1. A literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact
2. A deliberately false or improbable account


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