lets eat and be fatty

Some of the stuff we ate in Singapore. Is it any wonder my jeans were tight today?

death by chocolate? I forgot the name of the cake Stinky begged Dali to get.

yes, all lives are precious but bacon is still yummy

ohhh…very garlicky garlic bread

some orgasmic mushroom dish at the tapas tree on clark quay

they must have steeped the beef in ganja



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4 responses to “lets eat and be fatty

  1. Linn

    they must have steeped the beef in ganja..lol..mushroommmmm!!! yummy!! Sedapnyerr ;D I think I’m fat now just by looking at all the food piccies 😀

  2. dalihttp://crimsondevotchka.blogspot.com

    it’s the Dark Side, love, the Dark Side.

  3. thegrouch

    linn: hehehe…enjoy. i think in my next life i want to be a food photographer or better yet, a food critic.
    dali: oooh yes! the dark side! do you remember the absolute silence after we had all taken a bite?

  4. Dazed and Confused Ili

    cik d and tante E, sila cek mel ini mlm. will be sending in the photos later 😀

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