before the storm

[18:28] tante girang: u wear hensem hensem 2mrw
[18:28] tante girang: ok
[18:28] tante girang: jumpa my mom goda dia
[18:28] stinky: i pakai baju coklat. ok eh?
[18:29] tante girang: atau biru stripe
[18:29] stinky: i cam excited je nak jumpa dia
[18:29] stinky: stripe kat laundry. tak ambik lagi
[18:29] tante girang: WHAAAT? excited? i pun tak excited ok? and she’s my
mom. i am abt to lose my mind!
[18:29] stinky: ahaahha
[18:29] stinky: tak, excited to tell her my piece
[18:30] tante girang: i can agak dah the ‘ur such a disappointment to us’
[18:30] stinky: itu wajib. hehehe
[18:30] tante girang: and ‘anak derhaka, tuhan marah’ speech and ‘you’re
killing me, you horrible daughter’ speech
[18:30] stinky: ahaha
[18:30] tante girang: i will go mad, i just knw it. by wed. i’ll jump in
front of train
[18:30] stinky: b, i love your new post
[18:30] tante girang: whtever, thts my last sane post
[18:30] stinky: but it’s just Wild Strawberries. takde ‘the’
[18:31] tante girang: pas ni, i merapu. but you said THE!
[18:31] stinky: ahahha. mana ada
[18:31] tante girang: idiot. ada. u said THE, i got prrof
[18:31] tante girang: prrof. proof
[18:31] stinky: eh cibai je kata i idiot
[18:31] tante girang: yeah, village idiot. better yet, KG idiot
[18:32] stinky: ahhahahaha..kimaks
[18:32] tante girang: pantek
[18:32] stinky: cibai la baiii
[18:32] tante girang: uhh…cant think…dickhead!
[18:33] stinky: fuckface!!
[18:33] tante girang: ooohhhh. thts meaaaaannnn
[18:33] stinky: ek elehhh. dickhead tak mean?
[18:33] tante girang: mana ada. sexy ok
[18:33] stinky: ahahhahaha…huru hara la u syg. my goofy babaaayyy
[18:34] tante girang: hahhaa. did u mean baby ke babi?

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