rockin’ rio

Back from Singapore a lot poorer but much, much heavier on the butt and hips. I’ll post the pics and rehash the whole adventure later but now I have 2 reports to write and a couple plots to make. Dali, I smell like mango and I alone Stinky and I miss you.
Stinky and Ili, we were at Es Teller 77 this time last Saturday :(.



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3 responses to “rockin’ rio

  1. dali

    i miss you guys very much too 😦
    thanks for the Buffalo Springfield song, recognised it from Lord of War, my new favourite movie. and guess what, i’ve started packing today. it’s a whole new madness.

    miss ya guys.

  2. Linn

    You’re back! 😀
    Heavy on butt & hips..good food eh? 😀
    Finish up those reports & plots & spill out all the photos later! 😉

  3. thegrouch

    dali: i should’ve stolen some bubble wrap from your huge roll.
    linn: fantastic food! dali fed us like we were starving children 🙂 i luuurve singapore!

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