our furry peers

Meet Molly. She belongs to a friend of Dali’s but Dali and I want her (or any other beagle if we were to be brutally honest) so badly that it’s an almost physical ache….in my mind’s eye, I see Molly playing with George and Atti (yeah, right) and all three sleeping with me at night. Sort of like a holy trinity of beloved pets; George drooling all over my head, Molly snuggling at my side and Atti warming my feet.

I am wary of people who dislike animals. I know, I know…it’s like not liking people who are vegetarians or hate taugeh but I can’t help my mystification. There’s something suspicious about them. How can they not melt at trusting brown eyes like Molly’s? Then again, who am I to judge? I get the same looks of disbelief when I admit I don’t like kids. I know of some, ok ONE, person who hates animals yet is an absolute sweetie in his own right. Maybe if I find more people like him, I’ll change my opinion, coz truth be told, mostly the people who say they hate animals are usually pretty dodgy (unlike the people who say they don’t like kids…hahaha).

My dream one day, when Stinky is filthy rich, is to live in a house with enough land around it so that I can have horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, fat fish like koi and midget pigs. They’ll live on the pseudo farm and die from old age. Since these animals will be personal friends, I won’t eat them. At least I hope not. Fish don’t count though. Those I will eat. And gladly too. Sigh…now I’m hungry.



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3 responses to “our furry peers

  1. Kak Chik

    Back during the first time we met at KLCC, Stinky said something about beastiality website….

    And suddenly here you are telling me that you want all those animals when Stinky’s filthy rich and I cant help but think that you’re opening up a Beastiality Farm/Place of some sort…

    I’m sorry…this is just so funny…

  2. thegrouch

    a kinky farm…hmmmmm … honestly didn’t think of that but now that you’ve put the idea in my head…

  3. thegrouch

    bibi, have just found out that bestiality=zooerastia. zooerastia sounds like a cool name kan?
    btw, i’m pretty sure i was the one who mentioned bestiality websites. i’m the vulgar one in the family. stinky’s just the class clown. LOL.

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