salute to you, lucky number

Friday, 5 May

We had a cell meeting this morning….it was one of those where we split work amongst ourselves, aired issues and try to motivate each other to greater heights. Boss#3 was talking about reputations and perfectionism and for a while there I can honestly say I felt all fired up and gung ho. “I’m a zippity zipper!”, said I to myself. “I’ll finish all my work and project abstract by this evening!” Sigh…I can be such a gullible idiot sometimes. Cue 2.30pm and I’m swaying in my chair trying not to fall asleep despite the considerable amount of caffiene coursing through my veins this instant. Reputation? Service quality? Perfectionism? Blah.

Saturday, 6 May

I’m ashamed to say that I had my first ever monorail ride last night. Hehehe…yeah. The first. I was oohing and ahhing over the view. Stinky smiled indulgently and shared exasperated looks with our fellow commuters. Anyway Stinky and I met up with Ili at Bkt. Bintang where we proceeded to Sari Ratu and gorged ourselves silly on gulai otak (ok, that was me), pegedil, sup ekor, ayam pop, tempe + tauhu and spinach masak lemak. It was pricey, just like the review warned, but I thought the smiles the food brought to our faces more than justified the bill. Next time we’ll know better and order cheaper stuff! No pics of the yummy Padang food. It was late and we were hungry!

I’m at the office after a fantastic lunch at Berjaya in Bangsar. Tempe + telur ikan masak lemak + stir fried spinach rocks my socks yo! Unfortunately it also makes me sleepy and I’m having a helluva time trying to finish an interpretation report due Monday. I’m sitting at my desk staring at my monitor, grinning stupidly and remembering how wonderously crunchy the tempe was and how the taste so beautifully went together with the spinach and telur ikan. Hmmmm… maybe if I eat half a granola bar I’ll wake up….

The Giggler with the Napoleon Complex is here in the office too. I see him looking this way, I think he wants my granola bar, the wanker. He never talks to me unless he wants something or wants to tell me of his latest conquest. I have no idea why he thinks I want to know or even care. Yesterday as I was muttering curses to myself (office had a power failure and even though I now have a UPS for my workstation, it wasn’t connected to my monitors so I couldn’t see my work and try to save it before the UPS’ juices ran out and the whole machine shut down), The Giggler came by and shook my shoulder. Hard. I turned around and he bloody yelled, “CAN YOU HEAR ME? CAN YOU?”
What have I done to deserve this reputation? I mean, yes I have a hearing problem but that just means I have difficulty distinguishing certain words from each other and accents scare the hell outta me. I looked at him stupidly then I even checked my ears to see if I had my headphones on (I sometimes have them on but forget to reconnect them to my lappie after moving around). They weren’t though and my hair was pulled back in a ponytail so he must have seen that I didn’t have them on….
I couldnt even say anything sarcastic. I was just too flabbergasted by the whole thing that I just continued to stare at him with my mouth hung open (as you can see, I am not the quickest fish in the pond). “Huh?” was the best I could come up with.
“Oh, I thought you were listening to music”, he said. “I just came by to say I have a hot date tonight. She’s so hot for me…” giggle, giggle, giggle…
I’m sorry to say I kinda lost it at that point. First my machine dies on me taking with it hours of work, then this? Why wasn’t he worried about his work too? I could see his boss and team members scrambling around trying to save stuff before their UPS went empty and he was here telling me about a girl I’ve never met, never will and will never give 2 hoots about? So I said the first thing that came to mind. I really regret it now. It was mean and bitchy but at 6pm yesterday that was exactly how I felt like.
“Unless you bring me proof that she looks like Linda Evangelista yet still let you fuck her instead of just fleecing an expensive dinner at The Mandarin outta you, I don’t really wanna know.”

Don’t worry, folks. He thought it was a compliment and giggled away merrily to tell another friend about his evening plans. Sigh…



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2 responses to “salute to you, lucky number

  1. Dazed and Confused Ili

    tante. its pucuk paku masak lemak la. ferns cook in fat? heheehhehe

  2. thegrouch

    hahaha…and i thought it was spinach! talk about not knowing your vegetables! pandai je kutuk the kids featured on jamie oliver’s school dinners show when they didn’t know the difference between onions and potatoes. hahaha…

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