gee whiz

Ohhh…something that I need! Now I can
pee standing up too. I mean, I can already do it quite well without any gadgets but ohhhh….a gadget! I want one! Hehehe… I can foresee this as a very useful tool when I next go backpacking and have to pee real bad during an unscheduled stop at a nameless village. Instead of squatting behind a bush and have God knows what climbing up my butt, I can nonchalantly stand up and do it against a tree! Ohh..the very height of chicness. Must remember to bring lots of ziplock bags though.

Anyway, this is a reminder to myself that if I ever stir fry pea sprouts and stuff them into a pita again, I should at least cut them into shorter pieces to prevent another Squirrel Cheek Incident again. What’s a SCI you ask? Well, a SCI is what happens when you take a small bite of your sandwich but since the filling is one huge conglomerate that refuses to part, you have to take larger and larger amounts (sometimes the whole damned sandwich filling) into your mouth till you resemble a very greedy squirrel with a bunch of acorns in his mouth. Yup, that’s what happened to me right in front of my bosses and The Office Crush. Damned if you spit it out, damned if you don’t. Sigh…



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3 responses to “gee whiz

  1. shahrul azwad

    err, you can only use it once right?
    just remember to aim properly if you’re standing up. Some of the men in the men’s still unable to do this heheh!

  2. thegrouch

    reusable. tak bestlah kalau disposable.

  3. Linn

    Ughh..hate it when SCI happens; sebab tu kalau nak makan, jgn bagi orang nampak especially kalau office crush is around *sigh*

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