I’m on a food roll

Last week we had lunch at Scalini’s, an Italian restaurant nearby, for a friend’s farewell. Food was awesome, price was a bit OTT for a simple lunch. Granted the buffet was magnificent but RM98++ per head? Anyways, I’m putting the pics up here in memory of a fantastic lunch I won’t be having again anytime soon.

udang taktau masak apa

seafood spaghetti

what my plate looked like. ye, saya tamak.



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3 responses to “I’m on a food roll

  1. Idlan

    awak bukan tamak.
    awak zalim.


  2. Linn

    Agreed with Idlan *nods*…zalimmmm…pagi2 sudah nampak good food..your pictures makes my bread look plain :S – Linn

  3. thegrouch

    idlan: apa zalim pula…. sayanglah. pasal sayanglah saya tunjuk gambar ni supaya awak balik cepat. hehehe
    linn: believe me, i don’t eat like this every day! it’s usually plain bread and cheese for lunch or leftovers from last night’s dinner 😦

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