thank you for the good Times

Today’s book haul.

Damage= $182.

Satisfaction and pride looking at bookpile=priceless.

  • Fossils: The Practical Guide to Paleontology – S.Parker, R.Bernor
  • Falco On His Metal-L.Davis
  • The Discovery of the Titanic-R.Ballard
  • The Christmas Train-D.Baldacci
  • The Last Jew-N.Gordon
  • Violin-A.Rice
  • The Next Step in the Dance-T.Gatreaux
  • The Running Mate-J.Klein
  • Starter for Ten-D.Nicholls
  • The Palace of Heavenly Pleasures-A.Williams
  • Pride and Prejudice-J.Austen
  • The Book That Changed My Life-The National Book Foundation (edited by D.Osen)
  • Prince-IB Michael
  • The Tyrant’s Novel-T.Keneally
  • The Family Way-T.Parsons
  • The Kon-Tiki Expedition-Thor Heyerdahl
  • Gangster-L.Carcaterra
  • The Angel of Darkness-C.Carr
  • Strip Tease-C.Hiassen
  • Dot in the Universe-L.Ellmann
  • The Rising-Lahaye, Jenkins


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3 responses to “thank you for the good Times

  1. Idlan

    aku punya mana?

  2. thegrouch

    how about the baldacci? 😀

  3. shahrul azwad

    Banyaknya! Hmmm Strip Tease, whatever that it means…

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