you belong to me

You Belong to Me The 88

I treat it like a high school dance
waiting in the wings for my big chance
but I would only stare at my shoes
you belong to me I belong to you

I could tell an antique lie
full of all the things I want to hide
but that would only lead to the truth
you belong to me I belong to you

but I’m lazy and I’ll pull you down
where you won’t want to be
and I’m tasting what’s pouring out of you
what am I supposed to do?

I could play a trick so strange
cover up my ears and pray for rain
but that would only give you the blues
you belong to me I belong to you


I’m obsessed over this song. Thank goodness for mp3 players, CDs and other one-touch rewind music players. If this song was on tape, that tape would now be history with the plastic reel/strip? like thing, which I can’t recall is called, broken or crumpled beyond redemption.

I’m at the office. Supposed to be finishing up some stuff to be delivered on Monday and then continue with my interpretation project … but I just can’t find the motivation. I stare at my double screens blankly, waiting for inspiration to strike. Will this cutoff value bring reasonable results for the whole interval? Will this processing method give more accurate results? Is that white squiggly line a drilling artifact or is it really a tiny sand bed? Somehow my brain doesn’t seem to comprehend the gravity of these issues and instead I feel soothed by the amazing smell wafting from my cup of CB’s Fruit Paradise infusion and my chest constricts at the emotions brought on by repeated (at last count 23 times) plays of the above song. I imagine Stinky (who is now at KLPAC waiting for his band’s turn to perform) singing this song to me at one of his gigs and my moment of jiwangness evaporates. Most of the times he does look at me when he’s on stage is to inquire whether I think I can hear the vocals and whether everything is balanced. Hehe..

But ohhh…this song. Rasa nak golek-golek on the floor sobbing je. It’s one of those days where everything strikes you as super meaningful. Must be brought on by the emo-looking belt I’m wearing. Jimmy Eat World pun kalah. Hahahhahaa…

Ok enough. ENOUGH. I think I’ll go send off some emails to my bosses and impress upon them the fact that I AM IN THE OFFICE AT 4.26pm SATURDAY. Subject matter not important. As long as they see that I sent off emails AT 4.26pm SATURDAY, I’m happy. Ahhh…the games we play.


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