Nothing’s been finalised, no loans taken out or units booked but I think
*crosses fingers* that we’ve found a new home for the kiddies (and of course, us as well). Stinky and I spent the morning pigging out at Joe’s Place Kopitiam in Plaza Damas (where we also met Blogger#1 and Blogger#2!). The visit to the apartment’s show room almost seemed like an afterthought. We fell in love all over again with the place. We actually went to the launch of Phase 1 two years ago but deemed it beyond our budget. Now it’s Phase 2 and with both of us earning steady incomes, it seems more feasible. We were grinning like idiots imagining George and Atticus running through the rooms and enjoying the sun out on the huge balcony. We dreamed of converting the 3rd bedroom into a den where Stinky’s DVDs and my books fill the floor to ceiling shelves (the ceiling’s at a whopping 9’6″!). We fantasised installing a little playground + garden for the kiddies out on the 13′ x 8′ balcony. Sigh….I’m letting my imagination run away from me.
Tonight we’ll have a long discussion whether or not to fork out the 3K booking fee and which bank to take out the loan. I feel kinda overwhelmed, the way I always feel when numbers, percentage rates and the word BLR comes up. Do I want to be saddled with a 30 year loan? Can I afford 1.5K every month on top of the 20sen per sq ft maintenance fee? What will happen to the place if I do get transfered to Nigeria next year? So many things to consider…
Anyone has any property buying experiences to share?


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