1,2 buckle my shoe, 3,4 shut the door

I got my hands on a magical 8 ball during my course today. I whispered, “Will Stinky and I have a happy ending together?” as I shook it. The answer came back: WITHOUT A DOUBT. I tried, “Will the folks finally accept it?” I got: IT IS A CERTAINTY. I asked again, “Will the presenter ever shut up?” It said: MY SOURCES SAY NO. Cheesy and desperate, yeah I know. But when your waking hours seem like you’re drifting in a pitch black cloud, you have to snatch whatever bits of sunshine and hope you can find.

I always whine to Stinky that it’s so hard to get soup in Malaysia. The only place I know where you can get good soup and take it away is O’Briens. Other places may have soup, yes, but they don’t have those covenient styrofoam cups for you to take away your soup in and sip at your leisure. Soup is my soul food. Especially the thick, chunky ones with bits and pieces you can bite into and slurp happily away. Stinky on the other hand HATES soup. He refuses to eat soup, even the ones I lovingly make during weekends. And if you think it’s because my cooking sucks, he refuses to eat Campbell’s too. His soul food is eggs. Yes, eggs. It doesn’t matter how it’s cooked, as long as it’s eggs, he’s happy. Perfection to him is a sunny side up with the yolks running all gooey when you stick a fork in. When we were still just friends, I strongly suspected he liked me when he let me have first go at the yolks of his sunny side ups. 4 years down the road, I still have first go at those yolks and never once has he criticised me when in all those years I have yet to fry a perfect sunny side up with the yolks intact. Happy 4th anniversary tomorrow, my love. My eyes are misting as I type this. Although the magical 8 ball said what it said, I’m still deeply scared that they will win in the end. I’ll go right out and say it that I’ll go off the deep end without you, unbelievable as that may sound. You always say that you need me more than vice versa, but you’re wrong sweetheart. You don’t know just how much I rely on you for everything. And if you knew, it’d probably scare the hell outta you.

I love you, beebs. May God bless us with many, many more anniversaries together.


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