rempits and monyets: no!

Evenings at the office is the perfect time to chat with Idlan. I’m tired and in need of a good laugh and she’s just up and buzzing from black-coffee-coz-pantry-habis-gula. Last night I was bitching to her about politics and things that annoy/freak me out (rempits and monkeys) and she came up with such a good acronym, I am forever giggling to myself when I think of it. Kelab Wanita RAM-NO. Geddit? Geddit? Or Puteri RAM-NO. Hahaha.. So all you people who hate rempits and monkeys (just say no!), send me your particulars (and a non-tax deductable annual fee of RM50) and let’s see if we can do something for world peace.

Congrats to Ili who just had her first credit card approved! Yeay. Make that plastic burn, bebeh. Isetan, here we come.

Dals and I have been having rather risque chat sessions with each other lately. Suggestive words like lick and slurp feature very heavily in our sentences. So do yummy and oooooooooooooohhhh!. Are you worried yet, Man in Dubai?

Stinky’s new album has just come back from the studio, having been mixed, mastered, etc. Driving to work, singing at the top of my lungs along to the songs, I suddenly realised what the lyrics were:
…tentang cinta sudah tiada maknanya. Tentang kita elok dilupakan semua.. (or something like that). I turned to him and screeched, “THIS is our special song? WHY is a song about breaking up (I think) OUR special song?!” (I speak in italics a lot when I think the occasion calls for it)

Stinky: It isn’t. This ain’t our special song.
Me: Ohh. OHHH. (silence for a few seconds) Then what’s our special song?
Stinky: It’s another one lah. Not in this album.
Me: Ohhhh…Where are we having dinner tonight?

The fact that he can take all this without making fun of me says a lot why I love him to distraction. Or maybe he just has a strong sense of self-preservation. Hehehe..


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