blowing bubbles III

The second day of my practical scuba class went waaay better than the first. I think I frustrate my instructor a lot with my complete inability to understand him when he deviates from standard scuba sign language (how am I supposed to understand that wiggly thing with the fingers mean I’m supposed to do something for 30 seconds?) and my repeated laughing underwater (which unfortunately leads me to choking and swallowing water and causing my dive buddies to become alarmed. I’m sorry but things just seem funnier underwater). It was fun today. The part where I had to breath underwater without a mask was one of the more scarier episodes. Yet I took my cue from Ila (who can’t swim yet is excelling the course) and faked nonchalance (I think everyone heard my beating heart though).
I suck at sinking. I truly do. It takes repeated, frantic pushing of my deflate button and exhaling all the precious air in my lungs before I sink midway the 3m deep pool. Then cute Asst. Instructor has to come and jab my BCD/deflate button again before I finally sink to the bottom. I think he pushed my head top down to sink me once. Must’ve been too much for him. Hahahhaha…He did have to adjust my weight belt twice….*swoon*
I wonder if I’m losing any weight with all this frantic aquarobics. I’m pretty sure I am. Lugging that oxygen tank around is no joke. It’s like carrying 10 Georgies and Atticuses around (one is bad enough). The fact that I’m always so hungry and thirsty after each session must mean something good right? To think all that good could be undone by a simple sentence. That waiter at nasi daun pisang was sent by the devil when he told me “hari ni mutton bryiani baaanyaaakkkk sedap oh!”. Bastard.
I know you’re wondering, Lil. Yep, I peed. Thrice. And it felt gooooood.


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