one ladder rung higher

Spending a quiet night at home. Stinky is away and the cats are at my feet, keeping them warm. Monday night comedy shows are playing on TV. Ahhhh…this is nice.
After the weeks and months of research, preparation, dry runs and frustration, I’ve finally, finally passed the promotion review this morning after giving a presentation on new technology. I’m just so glad it’s over and tonight I’m gonna do things for me, me, me.

~ light some scented candles
~ reread Charlotte’s Web
~ burn a CD containing only Mazzy Star’s Fade Into You and the Greenhorne’s There Is An End. Ooh. Nice. (Mike, the speaker still doesn’t work)
~ sediakan my ‘Stinky is Away’ kit : holy water, torchlight, mobile and dumb bell (to bash intruder’s head in). Oh, and his guitar for good measure.
~ top up the kiddies’ biscuits so they won’t try and wake me up at 6 bloody a.m
~ research places to go in Bandung and the best places to get rock samples and fossils.
~ use the nice, minty shower gel
~ slop on the nice face cream I’ve been saving for special occasions
~ water plants and sing to them (the aloe vera is dying 😦 )
~ organise songs in iTunes
~ ogle the food pictured in Nigella’s website
~ read funny, erotic stories at

I actually brought work home with me but who am I kidding?


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