the yepes

Hooray! I don’t win that many competitions so the ones that I do, I make a big fuss of. I won my segment’s slogan/motto competition! For wracking my brains for a super-cool slogan that would be used in future segment brochures I got a meal voucher for RM500 aaaaaaannnnnnnddddddddddddd A NEW PHONE! hehehhehehe…am so happy. You see, it’s gonna be Stinky’s Christmas present! Hehehehhee….I can’t wait to see his face later (it’s safe to blog about this coz Stinky has left his office). I was planning to get him a tri-band phone with a colour screen for X’mas before I left this Saturday and now I don’t have to! I won it instead! Hehehehhe…(sorry for the continuous giggles, I’m super happy here).

What’s the winning entry? M-A-K-I-N-G ( yeay!) Y-O-U-R ( yeay!) R-E-S-E-R-V-O-I-R-S ( yeay!) P-A-Y ( yeay!!!!!)

errmmm…for those who need further clarification, ‘pay’ also means ‘oil producing zone’ or a zone that contains economically producible hydrocarbons ( yeay!).


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