Sheer tiredness is making a total klutz/idiot out of me. Recently I’ve:

– tried to make tea with cold water and even peered puzzledly into mug when sugar refused to dissolve.
– walked into a shut door. It was solid wood so I can’t even use “I didn’t know there was a glass wall there!” as an excuse.
– slammed car door shut when foot was still outside. Not once, but every single bloody time I shut the door.
– put glasses on while still wearing contacts and became alarmed when eyesight took a turn for the worse.
– forgot I already ate breakfast and made another bowl of cereal (no Dals, I wasn’t hungry).
– called Stinky by ex’s name (hahahaha…made this one up but I can imagine Stinky’s bulging eyes already).
– bought a country music CD without checking I even liked the songs (OK, this should be filed under STUPID).
– entertained thoughts of getting blonde highlights. ME! BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS! ME!
– groped Stinky’s man-boobs in public and laughed dementedly (yes darling, they’re shrinking).
– been sorely, sorely tempted to call Dals up in Singapore, giggle insanely for a few seconds and hang up. Don’t ask me why but the urge is getting stronger as the minutes pass by….
– burst into tears, kicked cabinet, ruined pedicure and hurt toes when discovered that 12 bloody fucking hours of work had completely vanished from system.

I feel like bingeing on Thai seafood……….


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