he watches me read

he watches me read
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The trip to Singapore last weekend was a blast. Although we forgot to bring our towels (and I dropped one of my IKEA face towels in the JB station loo) and had to beg Dali to let us in at the crack of dawn to shower, it was still good. Es Teller’s food is still finger licking good, Taco Bell’s tacos were crunchily yummy (please come to Malaysia!), Spize’s Paul’s Martabak and mee goreng pataya was awesome and TCC’s brownies were ooooohhh. Yes, you might have deduced that we ate a lot the 15 hours we were in Singapura.
*it’s your turn to come to KL, Dals…*
We came home to overturned chairs, sofa stuffing everywhere and shredded toilet paper. Yes, the kiddies had been naughty. Each got duly spanked and lectured. What good it’ll do I dunno.
Anyone near Istana Hotel tomorrow, stop by my booth. I’ll give you a pen if you ask me nice questions on geology (asking me if I ever get bored looking at rocks don’t count, and no I don’t). I’ll give you a nice calender/calculator if you ask me to send you a proposal on future interpretation work. I’ll give you a real nice pen drive (256MB!) if you ask me for my resume. Ha ha ha. No, Mr. AA in Menara TA, I’m kidding. You get a pen no matter what you ask.


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