mighty love

– Expensive lesson today on “Why You Should Never Issue a Cheque Before Checking Your Current Account Has Sufficient Funds”. That’s RM50 down the drain. Damn, damn, damn.

– Reading Don’t Eat This Book by Morgan Spurlock has totally freaked me out in a way that Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation didn’t quite manage. I drastically ate less of McDonald’s food after FFN but DETB has me scrutinising labels to death and rejecting anything with trans fat and partially hydrogenated oils. And today, I actually googled on what is the recommended daily sugar intake of a person my gender, weight and age. So yeah, go read DETB and cry your little heart out at how you’ve been unknowingly supporting tobacco companies and how far you are on the road to obesity.

– Bought Madonna’s new album. Disco has never looked this good. I wonder what made her choose purple…was purple cool in the 80s? I don’t remember. Hopefully playing the song Hung Up while I’m on the stairmaster will lead to longer, better workouts.

– Who am I kidding?

– I am so totally happy with my Nike Frees. Although I’ve yet to run anywhere in it, the number of times I’ve had to speed walk to the Towers in them show how great they are. If only I could get them in colours other than pink, purple or some other pastel colour. I think Idlan has the same problem when she buys her sneakers. I wanted to kick the stupid girl at the shoestore when she replied, “but you’re a girl!” to my question whether there were any women’s sneakers in black or any men’s sneakers small enough for me in black. Since when is being a girl the answer to a sneaker colour question. When?

– I’m hungry. Dinner is a few hours away. I think I’ll munch on a cereal bar with nutritional values that passes my now rigid standards.

– Again. Who am I kidding?


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