who wins the goblet?

Pygmy slow loris
Originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

– Was chatting to Dali over MSN and the subject of why slow lorises were slow came up. She and I both googled frantically “why slow loris slow” but nothing came up. Will now wonder till dying day why them cuties are slow. Maybe will quit job as corporate slave and become primatologist specialising on slow lorises. I had 2 slow loris as pets a long time ago. Mom Loris was called Chung Tau (don’t ask me why….but I seem to recall it was the name of a Cantonese soap actor I had a crush on). I don’t remember Baby Loris’ name. Sorry.

– We got the tickets to The Goblet of Fire tonight! *dances jig* Have had loads of fun dropping book spoilers in mundane conversations with Stinky. Example: “Beebs, my back really hurts. Its a throbbing kinda pain…..I hope I don’t cry when Cedric dies at the end…” Cue lots of screaming/laughing and repeated “shut up! shut up!”.

– Have found perfect excuse not to go to the gym this week. It’s called having my period.

– I think we’ve finally discovered what feline castration really is: It’s having something taken out of your scrotum. It’s not having something snipped off. I still see Atti’s penis a million times a day. Have yet to find the operation scars though. Weird.

– Behavioural changes in Atticus include sudden liking to licking George’s tongue and vice versa. Brawls have also become less aggresive. We’re raising bapoks.


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