sneakers + cat

my Nike Frees
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Yes, I’ve bought the shoes. Now for actually finding the time and energy to go to the gym. I must, I must, I must. I can feel already bulging body parts expand even more due to endless cups of java, chocolate bars and mee-in-my-mugs. I have to say I’ve never worn more comfy shoes. You can bend and wiggle your feet and toes all you like and the shoes just bend and wiggle with you.

Yesterday was the bakesale occasionally held by the spouses of company employees. Stuffed myself silly with overpriced gourmet sandwiches and brownies. Although I was sorely tempted to polish them all off myself, I saved some chocolate fudge cake and brownies for Stinky. Will post a pic of him eating a brownie with an expression of absolute bliss soon. Too bad I didn’t manage a pic of us both having a sugar crash shortly after. Yeah, they were THAT good and we ate a LOT.
Also managed to get some very very cheap 2nd hand books. I went down to the bakesale with $80 in my wallet and came back with $3. All in the name of charity….I have to find a way to con some money outta Stinky.

Has anyone seen Just Like Heaven yet? So? What did you think? I had a great time ogling Mark Ruffalo. Oh that man…I could lick him off a spoon. It’s too bad the reviews the movie’s been getting isn’t so great (except from Roger Ebert). I thought it was great. Much, much better than Bewitched. A great way to spend a couple of hours and simply revel in the magic of a good movie. I admit I teared up in a couple of scenes…wouldn’t you if Mark Ruffalo teared up too?

I’ll probably be blogging a lot less now. My workload has been getting too heavy for comfort and unfortunately my blogging will be one of the casualties. I’m already feeling guilty for standing up Stinky on numerous occasions. We’d promise to have dinner at 7pm then at 6.30pm I’ll call and postpone it to 8pm, then at 7.45pm I’ll call again to postpone it to 9pm, then finally I’ll call at 8.30pm to cancel it altogether and have another lonely mee-in-my-cup at 10.30pm. So yeah, less posts, more pics. Maybe.

Back to work. I don’t think the gym is an option today. Again.


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