Susie Q

Couple is featured in today’s New Sunday Times. Aref wrote a very complimentary article about them, complete with rockstar-posed photo. It’s just too bad he mistook Ihsan with Mikhail. Hehehehe…Aref, I’m serious about contributing food reviews, yeah? Especially if I get a food allowance!:)

It’s the worst thing having to come to the office on a weekend on a full tummy. I keep thinking of my nice warm bed and how nice it would be to take a nap. I think the lunch today was a success, mostly because Ili brought her heavenly brownies and a surprise potato casserole. Soraya brought the best kuih bahulu I’ve ever tasted in my whole life…so yeah, all in all it was a fantastic lunch. So here I am, 5pm on a Sunday evening with a tummy full of everything and about 2000m of data to interpret. The bonus better be outta this world.

Atticus’ castration went fine. Will post about it soon. I have a 2000m well waiting for me.

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