Atticus milking it..
Originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

– A power failure killed 2 hours of work. Weirdly enough, I don’t feel anything… maybe the pain will come later…..

– This coming Monday will be the official starting date of a huge project that will only end in April 2006. Goodbye weekends, goodbye going home at a decent hour. Hello panic attacks and late nights alone in my cubicle.

– Tomorrow is Atti’s operation! Am determined that he gets some extra lovin’ today, plus extra biscuits (before 8pm).

– I’ve learned that the minute I put on a delicate white shirt, I’ll spill tea and pasta sauce on it.

– Watched Salon with Soraya and Ili and Aidil. I cringe everytime I remember certain scenes and dialogue. That guy Daniel was just too awful for words.

– I still have those insane urges to go running….still haven’t bought my Nike Frees yet though.

– Last night I saw something creepy in the office….must remember to bring holy water next week..

– Fosher Tommy Tommy. Yes, Dals, I’m still laughing.

– Will be seeing some of you guys on Sunday. I hope I don’t poison anyone.

Happy weekend all.


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