Atticus Finch

Silly Atticus
Originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

Atticus is getting castrated this Saturday.
The procedure is long overdue. Georgie’s was done before we even adopted him at age 3 months. Atti is more than 5 months old.
We’re taking him to this Klinik Kembiri place that has affiliations with the SPCA. I think George’s was done there, and so are all the cats’ in the shelter. It’s cheap at $40 compared to some vets I called. George’s vet is charging $250 per castration while Atti’s is charging $150! So $40 is a beautiful deal.
However, I’m secretly worried about the whole thing. Maybe I’m a snob. Maybe I just love the little monster too much but I can’t forget what Atti’s vet told us the other day. “Alaa…Klinik Kembiri memang murah! The vet’s assistant does the operation or some intern. Here the vet does it. That’s why it’s $150!” I can’t bear to think that just because we were trying to save a few bucks, Atti dies or gets mutilated at the hands of some incompetant intern. Yes, I know interns are there to learn and we’ve all made mistakes as newbies (me killing a producing well in Kalimantan comes to mind), yet….I guess we’ll see this Saturday. Wish us luck, people. Especially for Atticus. It’ll be a relief not to see his penis pop out at bizarre moments though. I see Georgie’s like once a year. Atti’s pops out like 5 times a day. Will castration help? I dunno. I do know it’ll be better for him in the long run though. Trust me, Atti. I have the scientific articles to prove it.

That picture above is not a posed picture of Atti. Took this snap on Sunday. Coming home I heard plaintive meows coming from an unknown location. Didn’t think much of it till 10 minutes later when the meows were still going on strong yet no body in sight, except George who was looking interestedly under the sofa. Atticus was stuck under the sofa! the little bugger loved hiding under there and pouncing on unsuspecting toes. Unfortunately he’d gotten so fat that recently it wasn’t possible anymore, or so we thought. He must have been stuck there since I left for the office at 12pm, 6 whole hours before. Silly bugger. Good thing he didn’t crap or pee. Thank God…

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