Bad cats

Last night we came home to a horrific sight. A whole bag’s worth of cat litter pebbles (the round ones no less!) was strewn all over the floor. SOMEONE had chewed through a new bag and had played with it. No guessing who of course. George was never this naughty. It had to be the new cat on the block – Atticus. It took a full hour to clean up most of the mess. We, the humans, accidentally spilled the vacuumed up litter twice, prompting the spanked cats to come out of their hiding places and try to play with the pebbles before my shrieks of rage convinced them that it would be a safer bet to hide.
Thank God for vacuum cleaners.
I really do hope the spanking did some good. I guess we never truly appreciated how lucky we were that George was a relatively well-behaved cat. Atticus is …well. He’s NOT well-behaved. He is a sweetie though. I woke up in the middle of the night to something purring and licking my cheek. He never did that before. Could it be that he was sorry? Or was this just another set-up? Ili thinks that George is behind all this….that he’s putting Atticus through Initiation Week. Hehehehe…It has been a rather bad week for Atti. The day before he chewed through a new bag of cat biscuits. The 5kg one!
Sigh…this phase better pass soon.
Visit McD’s Malaysian website and click on the ‘Nutritional Calculator’. You’ll be amazed at how many grams of fat is hiding in those innocent looking chicken nuggets, apa lagi the double cheese burger!

Oh and check out Kim Shattuck of The Muffs myspace page! She’s playing Couple!

Here’s the festive greeting card I’m sending out. Coolkan?

I had to sign a 1ft thick stack of these cards to send out to clients for my boss. If I have to write “Eid Mubarak from the XXXX team” one more time I’m gonna freak.


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