Goodbye America

It’s ironic that I only manage to get wireless connection on the last day of my trip stateside. Anyway, a couple of snaps taken during the trip. Didn’t take much food pics this time around, everytime mealtimes came by, I was either too tired or hungry and wolfed down the amazing food ASAP. Check out this place called Cafe Diablo, in Torrey, Utah. I want this guy to cater our wedding, Stinky! And the inhouse guitar-strumming-singing HUNK to play at the reception!:)

Out in the mountains and the desert, we saw some of the most amazing sunsets ever. This was taken when we drove through Capitol Reef National Park and stopped for a toilet break behind some bushes.

There were remnants of the Fremont Indians’ culture. This is a petroglyph of the mythical figure Kokopelli. He plays the flute and thrilled Indian women of old.

Shadow pictures at the top of Muddy Creek Canyon.

Beer and wine after a long day of clambering up and down rocks. It was bloody freezing!

Flight home tomorrow at noon. Touchdown in good old KL Monday evening. Keep the home fires burning, Stinks!


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