Announcement: an addition to our family (hopefully)

the slob
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Just as I was about to enter the elevator to my apartment last night, I heard a plaintive meow. It was the rambunctious kitty sans partner (hope her brother’s OK)! Stinky and I gave each other a loaded look then he just snatched the kitty and up we went with her in tow. I opened the apartment door slowly….Georgie had spotted the usurper and was NOT happy. He immediately bristled up and started giving the most ferocious yowls ever. The little kitty, who was probably only a third of Georgie’s bulk calmly walked over to Georgie’s food bowl and started eating! The cheek! Then she completely melted Stinky’s heart by asking to be picked up and petted. George was heartbroken by this time. He no longer yowled but just sat as far away as he could, giving us and the kitty the most malevolent glares ever. Stinky started to call the kitty Susan/Suzie (Susan! Suzie! Who the hell? Is Stinky harbouring any secret loves named Susan/Suzie? Stinky has yet to feel any pain over this issue…I promise you that). We had to take the kitty back downstairs (not a good idea to leave her and G alone while we’re at work) but we’ll try again this weekend. I’m so excited! Georgie however was one unhappy cookie last night. He gave us the cold shoulder all evening and even scratched Stinky when Stinky picked him up, something he never ever does on purpose. I can see that introducing another cat to the House of George the Fat Black Cat is not gonna be easy. No sirree. But we’re excited! A new kitty! And a pretty, stripey, manja one at that. We’re debating several names, most with a connection to the history of rock ‘n roll and a few just ‘coz we read ’em in books or heard ’em in movies and liked ’em. Some just for the hell of it. Here goes:

~ Layla (anyone who knows the history of George Harrison (Georgie’s namesake) will understand this name choice)
~ Yoko Ono (she was a major influence in Lennon’s life, and for good or bad, The Beatles as well)
~ Nico (Velvet Underground!)
~ Mo Tucker (Velvet Underground’s drummer)
~ Marianne (Faithful)
~ Janis (a very longshot. I have a cousin with a variation of this name and I don’t like her)
~ Groucho (Stinky loves The Marx Bros. I hate them with a passion)
~ Benvenuto (the name of the cat in the book The Magicians of Caprona)
~ Kool Aid (‘coz it’s my favourite drink of the moment)
~ Zila Bakharin (very, very long shot. I hate the name. She’s some sort of teenage crush of Stinky’s)
~ Kyanite (one of my favourite blue-coloured minerals)
~ Azurite (another favourite. I used to have this as my email addie)
~ Lennon (my favourite Beatle after George. Ringo’s third and is one name option too)
~ Khao San (‘coz we had so many happy memories there and hopefully make more in the future)
~ Simone (as in Nina Simone)
~ Banana Leaf Rice (I’m kidding)

Any suggestions?


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