the grumpiest cat

even grumpier cat
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I’m turning into a tv junkie. With Astro’s new programmes, there’s a Don’t Miss! almost every night. Monday is Wonderfalls, Tuesday is Joey and Desperate Housewives, Wednesday is Rockstar and Nigella Lawson’s cooking show (or is that Thursday?) and Thursday is Rockstar’s results show. Factor in repeats of CSI, EPL highlights shows (Chelsea won the Shield! It’s OK to voice out my joy here since Stinky rarely reads this blog and I only say I support Arsenal, after Liverpool mind you, to annoy the hell outta him) and the occasional news and documentary and that sums up to a lot of tv time. A LOT of tv time.

Went home to disgruntled Georgie and safe Tater last night. Seriously considering adopting two kittens that have been roaming around the apartment block (can’t take one, the other will suffer separation pangs). They’re almost murderously cute with appealing meows and light-hearted jumps. I go home every night hoping not to bump into them or else suffer the endless debate of “should I?” or “shouldn’t I?”. I’m not sure how George will take to another cat. The last time we tried he had a hissy fit. Sigh..

Congratulations to Mike for writing a sob story par excellence and getting 3K in the bargain! Go to his blog and read more about it. I understand The Vainster will write about it in detail in his next post. He he. Congrats, Mike!

More good news: Stinky is like a hot potato! He just called me screaming that someone he knew called him up for an appointment and when he went, was offered a partnership! Perks include a company car and having his name FIRST on the company letterhead (ego perk at it’s best). Whoa..the offers have really been coming in thick and fast. I’m so proud I could burst! He’s sticking to a previous offer though. Although it isn’t a partnership, it’s the best deal yet.

Enough for today I guess. The grey, hazy scene outside my window is making me depressed and my toothache is giving me a major headache. I think I’ll go downstairs and cheer myself up with some icecream.


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