haha- very funny

Originally uploaded by Capital I.

This picture illustrates perfectly how I look like when I laugh hysterically over something and how Stinky looks indulgently/questioningly on. Huh.

The weekend that was began perfectly. Went to Hartamas for dinner and met up with a lot of people that I haven’t seen in too long. The icing on the cake was watching Couple practice their new songs. If I wasn’t too busy bitching with Ili, I would’ve gotten up and danced! Oh but now I’m forgetting the dim sum I had afterwards. Screw Couple. Dim sum was the icing on the cake! 🙂

Saturday began early. 8 bloody am! It was all Georgie’s fault of course, sitting on my tummy pretending he was no heavier than a feather. The girly day out with the girls was heavenly. We all oohed and ahhed over our manicures and pedicures while giggling like crazed lunatics over office gossip. That done, the whole rombongan went over to the banana leaf rice restaurant to meet up with Stinky, Ravi and friend Ghazali. I quickly pounced on my new Darth Tater toy and totally ignored the long suffering mama trying to take orders. Ahhh…I think I better stop. Yes, this post is ending rather abruptly but the very thought of banana leaf rice is driving me nuts. Fried peria…..
Over and out.


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