blue suede shoes

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Yeay! Have booked a full pedicure and manicure session for Lil, Jules and myself this Saturday. Really looking forward to a bit of pampering and luxury. Yes, Stinky’s footrubs are lovely but actually paying someone to fondle your stinky feet and clean it is something else! Stinky will have a l o n g wait. As (was) the Birthday Girl, Lil has also declared that Stinky has to keep us company and entertain us. He he. I’m so lucky my girlfriends love my boyfriend.

A lot of people were alarmed by my IM Away message this morning: “attending defensive driving class”. Ili thought I was learning to drive kayu balak trucks while Dals said something about Egyptian terrorists (eh?). Anyway, will try to post some defensive driving tips when I have the time. Been meaning to (driving is by far the most dangerous activity you indulge in each day!) and this refresher course will help. So repeat after me:
I will not cause a crash. I will not be in a crash. I will not be a victim.
Drive safe, friends. Trust me, the repercussions are endless.


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