cats need neck support too

cats need neck support too
Originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

Originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

There’s a reason why a lot of working people hate Mondays. Mondays so often seem jinxed. Take for example my Monday. Woke up extra early ‘coz planned to make sandwiches and arrive at office early. Found bologna in mysteriously frozen state. Settled for nutella & peanut butter instead. Opened new jar of nutella and found it with a thick layer of oil on top. Calmly poured out oil, vigorously mixed remaining spread with stolen cutlery. Dropped knife on floor due to shock – a hungry cat had decided to remind me that I hadn’t given him biscuits. Floor smeared with greasy nutella. Yuck. Finally left house at more or less the same time if I had woken up at 6.50am instead of 6am. Damn.
Reached office. Booted up PC. Phone rings, heart sinks (hey that kinda rhymes). Not again.
Tried launching programme on workstation. Error messages pop up everywhere on the monitor. Like it or not I have to call our support guy and beg him to fix it. The clock is ticking and clients are waiting. I feel my heart race. Will I make the deadline at 3pm?
Programme fixed, deliverables finalised. Phone rings again. WHAT? You’re cancelling the job I just killed a few million brain cells for? I try to compose myself but seconds later find your truly cursing and kicking the files under her desk. Bang donkey mug a couple of times then meekly mops up spilt tea. How the hell am I gonna explain this to my boss? Uhhh…erm..we just lost a couple of thousand dollars while you were on vacation?
Get a call from Higher. Yes, sir, no, sir. Yes, I’ll do the job, no, I won’t screw up. Yes, it’s urgent, no, I won’t go for lunch. Sigh…
I go try my luck at the loo for the nth time. Just as I settle down, the cleaning lady comes in. Sigh…another crap opportunity lost. Pull up pants and return to cubicle. Find message saying Higher not happy. Now I feel like a constipated wreck.

Phone rings again. Someone wants to borrow money. I try not to bang the phone down. Don’t call me ‘sis’, wanker. I’m not your sister and don’t try to be nice and humble just ‘coz you want a couple of hundred ringgit.

My elbow hurts too much to list down the other things that happened. Oh gosh, please let tomorrow be better. On a cheerier note, I may get my Darth Tater next week and a visit from Dals thrown in. Have already planned a whole weekend’s worth of gorging. Come to KL, Dali….gourmet delights awaits you…

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