Plate tectonics nightmare

Geologist or no, waking up to screams and the floor swaying is unnerving to say the least. Quickly shook Stinky awake, shouted my explanations at him and urged him to get dressed while I did the same. Ran into the bedroom to find George lazily stretching, looking puzzled and meowing inquiringly. Silly cat. Totally useless as a natural disaster alert. Pampered living has totally inhibited his animal instincts.
Stinky and I proceeded to run down from our apartment on the 9th floor to a park some distance away from any building. Scores of people were doing the same. It was after 12 midnight and a lot were in their PJs looking confused and disoriented. I must’ve looked the same. My hair was sticking up in a dozen places and I’d forgotten to wear my bra. The scary thing was that nobody knew what was happening. Yes, there were tremors but where was the epicentre and how severe was it? Called up Hana and Mike and several other people who I knew were living in high rises and they’d all felt it. Called The Ret to check what the internet was saying and nothing could be found. Told her not to tell mom and that I’d call dad myself. This was 30 minutes after the initial tremor. So Stinky and I just sat and waited while listening to radio on my mobile. Also chatted with a stewardess with a cute dog about what happened. Her dog didn’t display any wierdness either she said. Felt better that George wasn’t a solitary case of cluelessness (I’m ashamed to say we didn’t bring him down).
Tried to call the police and fire department but there were no answers or I couldn’t get through. Anyway, after an hour of anxious waiting, there was finally an announcement on the radio that there was a major quake off the coast of Sumatra and that was all they knew. We waited a few more minutes before going back up and checking for any cracks on the walls. It took a long while for me to get back to sleep. I’m paying for it today with panda eyes and fuzzy mind.

Besides feeling guilty about leaving George behind (I’m definitely getting him a cat leash after this), I’m quite disappointed by how hard it was to learn of any real news and how long it took. Although the papers said that in the city centre, the police were evacuating people and such, what about those of us living in the suburbs? Why were they out of reach?

Maybe I’m anal but I was also annoyed by some college kids who thought that the whole thing was a joke and kept screaming “tsunami! tsunami!” at the top of their lungs, scaring old folks and kids. Idiots. College is wasted on you.

I’m glad that things aren’t as bad as the Boxing Day quake. Let’s say a prayer for that and for those whose lives are affected by the newest one. By the way, is it any coincidence that this quake happened a day after Easter and the previous one a day after Christmas? Mom says the end of the world is coming in 2010 and this is just another sign. Then again she also said that Armageddon was in 2000. Heh. Love you, meh, even though you’re crackers.

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