Fleas? NO!

I’m being eaten alive by some mysterious, invisible insect! Since yesterday, certain parts of my body have been itching like mad. There are dark red splotches all over me with a tiny bite mark in the middle. It itches so bad! It can’t be fleas. Georgie doesn’t have any and Stinky’s not suffering from anything. I dread to think it’s a recurrence of the mysterious itching episode I had a couple of months back. Argh!!!!! So many things to do yet all I can do is scratch myself. There’s one at the sole of my foot and it itches so bad I want to stab it with a knife. Argh!!!
It’s Mike’s final interview today. It’ll be at Rohas so I’m meeting him for lunch. Interview’s at 2pm. Good luck, Mike!

[thegrouch came back at 6pm]


I’m sorry. But I have just received momentous news. I’m so shell shocked, I haven’t been able to catch my breath since lunch. Best wishes from Stinky and me, you know who you are. Hell or high water, we’ll be there.

Mike came through the interview with flying colours! The guy who interviewed him even said, “I can’t wait to get my hands on you!” Ohhh…I do hope he doesn’t mean that in a pervy way. But if he did, I’m not surprised. Mike’s man breasts can be pretty seductive to some. Ha ha ha. Anyway, there’s an unbelievably good chance that the bugger will get the job. Congrats, Mikey!

I’ll be here on Earth another 64 years. Find out HERE how long you’re getting. Hah! Another 64 years of giving Stinky hell for not washing the dishes and playing too much CM.

Will definitely be going to Egypt, or more specifically the Suez Gulf in April for a 2 week field trip learning Structural Geology. Have started to break in new boots by going everywhere in them, at least during the weekends. It’s a bit weird stomping around in them when I’m doing groceries or having breakfast at Strudel’s but I’d rather have blisters now than in the field. Rather bizarrely, boss has suggested I stay an extra couple of days after the course to travel to Luxor and Aswan! WTF!? I mean, hell yeah! I don’t know how my cell leader will take that news though. We are absolutely swamped with work. Eeny meeny miny mo….A cruise down the Nile or come back to KL to finish work? No contest. Luxor wins hands down:) I’ll even cut back on Georgie’s biscuits to save money for the trip.

This sign should be tattooed on the forehead of the stupid fucker who almost rammed my car in the parking lot ‘coz he was busy text messaging. Stupid asshole. Set your car on fire baru tau.

P.S-I still itch. Have scratched away upper dermis. Am scarred for life. Damn that insect.

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