Bits & Pieces

Last Sunday, Jin Soon, Chi Wui, Stinky and I went to Jimmy’s for the first of (hopefully) many makan-makans mourning Jin Soon’s return to the States. Here’s Jin, Chi Wui and I grinning like mad after a huge meal.

Last night had a sort of reunion with our Finnish friend, Niklas. We first noticed him at the Malaysian-Thai border checkpoint at Bkt. Kayu Hitam. I was groggy (it was 6am!) when Stinky suddenly said, “wah…cool shirt.” Looked up to see a tall cutie wearing a red t-shirt. We next saw him in Hat Yai, boarding our Bangkok-bound bus. It seemed he was with a tiny Thai girl. We thought, “oohh… fast worker.” A couple hours outside Hat Yai, at one of those weird toilet stops, he suddenly came over to Stinky and me and said, “Do you have any Thai Baht? I’m hungry…” I think the shock on our faces said it all. We thought we were getting robbed by a cutie with a strange accent! Ha ha. It seems hysterical now. To make a long story short, he gave me RM50, I gave him TB500, we became friends, shared a cab, parted ways once we reached Thanon Khao San, and if not for some screwy telecommunication network problems, would probably have toured Bangkok together. Niklas is here for a couple more weeks till his student exchange programme ends. Will probably take him on some food binge around town.

This is my newly organised bookshelf. Am very proud of my collection. Currently embroiled in a bitter territorial war with Stinky, whose DVDs are encroaching my library space. Humph. I’ll win. I like biting and setting things on fire, remember?

A friend of ours was recently tailed by some perverts all the way from the NPE to the underground parking lot near KL’s High Court. They just waited in the car making eyes at her when she refused to come out and had the audacity to smile and wave when she finally came out when a friend-rescuer arrived. Too bad she was too spooked to get the car number down. Sheesh. Life gets scarier everyday.


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