BBC NEWS | Health | Too little sleep may make you fat

BBC NEWS | Health | Too little sleep may make you fat

Aaaahhhh….so that’s why. It’s NOT because of all the food I stuff down my throat 🙂

In other news, the Juice Lady at Concorde Lane is now back from her month long vacation in Germany and subsequent sidetrip to the States (yes, you can get rich selling fruit juice). I’m now getting my daily fix of her divine freshly blended lemon juice. Slurp! Slurp!
My fantasy of Stinky and I working in the same company and in the same building have intensified in frequency. According to past experience, this forbodes said fantasy is not coming true. Guess I have to be the breadwinner after all and Stinky will just stay at home babysitting the cats (and hopefully dogs…*not-so-subtle-hint*) and having dinner ready when I walk through the door. Yeah, baby! Foreign lands, here we come!
Where to take parents, brother and fussy lady friend of mom’s to dinner? Chakri KLCC has been deemed expensive. Madam Kwan’s too noisy. Rain Nudle not special enough. Maybe I’ll take them to Nong & Jimmy’s for seafood. I’ll enjoy it, selfish bitch that I am. Wish Stinky could come along. Dad hasn’t met him yet. So far, the axe has yet to fall and still no mention of him from both parents. Weird. Although I think it’s disloyal, not to mention cowardly, I’m playing along. No peep outta me either. No whisper of how I wake up at 5.30am just so I can pick up my man by 7am and have breakfast together before work. Speaking of parents and Stinky, Mel called me from the UK just to say how much she likes Stinky and if I was coping with the strain of possible disownment OK. I’m ok, Mel. Mostly ok. Maybe you can help with a prescription for Valium? Thanks so much for calling and those supportive words. You’ll never know how much I appreciate it. Have a good month in the ER, yeah?


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