Just another manic Monday… so sang the Bangles, long, long ago…..But it’s not! I’m so deliriously happy it’s a 4 day weekend. It has been total bliss getting up at all hours of the day, not having to worry about ironed clothes, traffic jams, emotional colleagues, dour bosses, deadlines, etc. The most taxing thought I’ve had this weekend was, “Shall I have another hotdog, coke and cinnamon bun?” Oh the total joy. I’ve even managed to squish the thought that I should be hauling ass to the office and finish up the 850m of interpretation on Well-72. Nah…I’ll just moan and do the whole regrets thing on Wednesday. Reminder to self on Wednesday must-dos:

~ April timesheet
~ finalise interpretation on Well-72
~ prepare list of LGP, PDS
~ start checking flight schedules for Abu Dhabi

Had a good laugh reading Ili’s and Jo’s comments on the tagboard. lytemyfyre is just a bit of word play on Jose Feliciano’s/The Door’s Light My Fire. It was the only thing I could think of when I was trying to save my blog last week. The whole Take That connection never even popped up. Those were the days…Robbie’s and Jason’s bum on Smash Hits’ cover got me into so much trouble with my Mom. She thought I was spending my allowance on porn. No use explaining to her about the Brit pop scene and it’s peculiar people. Good thing she never objected to MATCH.

Carsh Test Dummies had a song of that title a long time ago. For no reason, it has been playing in my head all morning, making me break out in spontaneous humming. Not a good idea when you’re at a auto workshop waiting for God knows what to be done to your car. I can see the manager smiling, doing sums in his head already….while I feverishly calculate how much I can minimally live on this month. Guess it’s piggy bank bust time again. It’s only the second day of May and I’m already broke. Doesn’t say much for my budgeting capabilities, huh?

ASHA GILL LOVES COUPLE!!! Check out her site and see for yourself. Billy Corgan on an acid trip hanging out at Mike Flowers Pop’s house with a little tinge of Ween, indeed:).

Reading this article does not strengthen my faith towards the cockpit people. I’m sure that most pilots are dependable…the kinda guy you want to be in charge when you’re miles up in the air. For a long time I thought they were all like that. But after socialising with some of them in the wee hours of the morning in places where booze is free-flowing, and later finding out that they had early morning flights kinda puts a dent in that trust.

I’m off. Gotta go check on my car and see what the damage to my wallet is. Sigh…..if only money grew on trees.

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